Adepoy Snorkel Mask: Crystal Clear Review

Adepoy Snorkel Mask

The ocean is a wonderful place to explore. While most people are not equipped to go deeper underwater, the shallow parts still do offer a rich view of what lies beyond. To freely enjoy what the ocean can offer, you must invest in a reliable snorkel set.

Two important features to look for in a snorkel mask are the view angle and a comfortable breathing mechanism. Traditional diving masks consist of a separate snorkel, which is quite inconvenient as it has to be held while swimming.

Today, though, you can now say goodbye to such masks thanks to full-face swimming masks like the Adepoy Snorkel Mask. Let us take a look at its features, pros, and cons to determine how it can provide us with better swimming experience.

Adepoy Snorkel Set: A Look Into the Details

What makes Adepoy Snorkel Mask one of the best on the market is its premium, innovative technology, which keeps the water out. Moreover, its wide-angle view also adds to a more immersive experience.

Notable Features

  • Design

The Adepoy Snorkel Mask boasts a full-face design, which provides a 180-degree viewing area. Aside from a better and wider view compared to traditional snorkel sets, it also allows for more comfort and snug fit. Since the design covers all parts of the face, you can comfortably breathe through the mouth or nose.

Also made with a detachable breathing tube, the Adepoy Snorkel Mask prevents fogging so as to maintain a clear, unobstructed view of the life under the sea. It prevents fogging by keeping the airflow away from the major viewing area.

It is a state-of-the-art design called dry snorkel, which also makes the mask last longer. Additionally, the breathing tube on this mask is easy to install and detach for more convenience.

The Adepoy Snorkel Mask comes in two color options: blue or pink. It also comes with a mid-range price tag, making it more than worth it considering the advanced features that it comes with.

  • Size

From the eyebrow area to the tip of the chin, the small size measures 4.72 inches. A large and extra-large size options are also available.

  • Material

In order to guarantee skin safety and prevent allergies, the Adepoy Snorkel Mask is crafted from premium medical-grade silicon seal or edible liquid silica. This material is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

As a result of this choice of material, the mask is able to provide a good fit and seal. It also made the mask comfortable to wear even for long periods.

  • Additional Features

With the help of this mask, you can now capture precious moments and beautiful underwater scenes with a camera. It allows you to do this thanks to its camera mount feature. An underwater camera can be easily attached to this mount so that you can record or shoot mesmerizing underwater images.

To maintain the quality of the mask for longer, the Adepoy Snorkel Mask comes with a storage bag and user manual. The bag provides protection during transportation and storage while the manual offers information on the proper and safe use of this unit.

This mask is designed to be used for surface snorkeling only. It comes with a limited replacement or full-refund warranty, which guarantees the mask’s quality and durability.


  • Wide viewing angle
  • Innovative design
  • Keeps the viewing visor clear
  • Skin- and environment-friendly
  • Anti-leak design
  • Fits comfortably
  • For adults’ and kids’ use
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Easy to use


  • None


The Adepoy Snorkel Mask is a complete snorkel set. It features a full-face design that comes with a separate breathing chamber. This mask allows you to breathe through the nose or mouth and prevents the air to go through the viewing area. This design prevents fogging and protects your eyes while snorkeling.

Moreover, this mask is also safe on the skin because it is made with medical-grade, environment-friendly silicon. In order to ensure a proper and snug fit, this mask comes in small, large, and extra-large sizes. You can also choose from either blue or pink color.


Comparison with Other Snorkel Mask

Given the best features and advantages of the Adepoy Snorkel Mask, it is clear to see that it is indeed an excellent underwater device. What’s more is that it also comes at a reasonable price. However, some user might still not be convinced. Hence, we have decided to compare it with another similar device.

One good alternative is the Advsea Tribord Subea Snorkel Mask. It has features similar to the one from Adepoy, such as full-face coverage, 180-degree viewing angle, anti-fog, and anti-leak mechanism. Similar to the Adepoy mask, it is also crafted using high-grade silicone. The frame is made with polypropylene, and the lens and tube are made with 100% PC-ABS material.

For a secure fit and comfort, the Advsea Tribord Subea Snorkel Mask is also built with an elastic strap that is fully adjustable and helps keep the water out. This mask also has a draining valve on the bottom, which is used to remove water from inside when the head is lifted. Its dry stop design also prevents water from getting in.

However, what it doesn’t have is a camera mount. Instead, it is designed with a universal water-resistant case for phones and cameras. It also comes with a carry bag for easy handling and storage. While it might seem like a good alternative, it is rather expensive. Hence, we have concluded that the Adepoy Snorkel Mask is still the better choice.

Final Say

When it comes to snorkeling, it is advised to choose only the most reliable snorkel set that will prevent water from going in and help maintain a clear view. The Adepoy Snorkel Mask stands out among others because of its notable features. Unlike traditional sets that come with a mask and separate snorkel, this one comes in one, easy-to-use piece.

This innovative design covers the whole face, which means that you can freely breathe through your nose or mouth. It also gives you a 180-degree viewing angle, which stays clean and clear because the breathing chamber is separate from the viewing visor. It also comes with a camera mount.

There may be other snorkel sets as pretty as this one, but the Adepoy Snorkel Mask is still our obvious choice. It has indispensable features that you can enjoy at such an affordable price. It has a replacement guarantee and long-lasting quality too!

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